I get nervous sweat by appearing this picture

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I played with al lot in Animal Crossing Bells november and only got the Mush DIYs over the last day by simply maintaining the Switch running for the entire day and popping up every ballon that flew by (while working on different things). I knew it had changed but that I could not remember how it worked in New Leaf. It's been a couple of years since I did it.

Like, your villagers that stayed in their houses had"anxieties" that you had to match with your masks (that you prepared from the competent store prior in the lead up to halloween) in order to find candy out of them.then all of the other villagers tried to chase you down and could induce a conversation on youpersonally, and if you did not have candy to give them you got pranked for it.Let Us play Overcooked.

. in Animal Crossing?! I get nervous sweat by appearing this picture. So nicely done!If AC ever gets a cooking minigame it'll be all over for me

Needs more games interval. There's almost no reason to Buy Nook Miles Ticket see a friends island. Tarantulas do not spawn, wasps don't spawn, balloons do not spawn, can not promote to Flick or C.J., can not draw bells, dung beetles don't even spawn neither do snowballs so that you can't even make a snowboy together. Can't pay a visit to a nook island collectively, the list is long.Yeah the game got repetitive for me. I miss the OG Animal Crossing

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