Mostly messages about not having seen you

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If you see the cloud over someone that you wish to Animal Crossing Bells keep's mind, don't talk to them! The bubble will not be on them the next day but it will not restart the two week cycle. 1-3 days later another arbitrary villager will be selected to have the move out bubble. Just continue leaving them thinking (do not speak to them at all the day) till it randomly picks the one you want to move out.

The new opinions they give you after a very long absence are sometimes pretty thoughtful, as well.

It is always alright! They are always surprised to see you after however long for the very first conversation, then it's back to how it was before you moved away.They don't become mad or threaten to leave or anything, iirc they just mention it's been x months and they missed seeing you around or anything similar.

Nothing harsh. Mostly messages about not having seen you, having missed you, or wondering how you've been. Positive feel-good stuff, like virtually everything else that they say!I haven't played since June either. I played nonstop at first, but I think June is when I have tired of the monotonous daily play and just never felt motivated to pick it back up again. Also, it was fairly frustrating spending hours terrascaping my island just to buy Animal Crossing Items have it look like shit. Lol

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