It is just strange

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It is just strange, for me, a match I always felt was about its areas has set its narrative integrity first. It is odd to see 14 years' worth of landscape and experience - 14 years that I lived and levelled, walked and wow classic gold fought - filed away where they won't bother anybody, unless they go looking. It is the right call, it just makes me wistful.

I'm definitely rolling another brand new personality though. Then he spotted a local wildfire, and a fallen tree knocked out electricity in the town of Gates.

Amid a slowed lineup of traffic came the unmistakable sound of one tree after another snapping and falling. "Everybody's being flipped around. You will find trees falling all over the place."

Ewing shared photographs on Facebook of the neighboring flame's orange glow, and trees moving up on a nearby hillside -- how nearby was hard to tell in the dark.

By late Monday night, according to ODOT TripCheck, a nearly 70-mile stretch of Highway 22, west from the junction with Highway 20, was closed as a result of the fires and downed trees. State Highway 126 was closed by means of a wildfire, four miles west of McKenzie Bridge.

"Evacuations are underway in the two areas," they counseled. "Watch for buy classic gold wow fire crews."

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