I've been a participant for many 30 years of my life

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Same I assess the shops and Animal Crossing Items run back and check if Redd is there and do the holiday things. I can't find the will to play with it for more than that though but may get bored of additional stuff and also come back.That's exactly how I think this match is supposed to be played, and now I am grateful it is satisfying that need for people

I played with it for like 350 hours within a few months which makes it my most played game and then 1 day did not feel like playing and haven't touched it since. I love so much about it just realised how much of my time has been spent wasting doing stuff which shouldn't take so long as it will like buying tickets or seeing islands etc.. We had 4 players seeing each others islands every day to mess around and see new things it it would take so long just waiting for people to get there.

I've been a participant for many 30 years of my life. My mom has been a part of me becoming every console from NES to my PS5. I got her animal crossing for Xmas (well, the switch and a guarantee of this match ).

Only child with one parent, she did her best with gambling. She's played animal crossing every single day. She retired early bc of the pandemic and cheap Animal Crossing Bells health problems, and that I can see her escaping issues in the match.

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