Her response was a lot more level-headed than mine would have been

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What I truly don't understand is this notion (and Animal Crossing Bells literal quotation from one of those tweets) which"that isn't for you". Surely people (or allies) of races who have been historically oppressed can see the damage that may be accomplished by trying to re-normalise the idea that certain things can be reserved for people of particular races?I don't think I could blame her for being defiant after obtaining 600 deranged answers on a completely anodyne tweet. Her response was a lot more level-headed than mine would have been.

Not until we get to the point where somebody on Twitter admits to digging up bones out of graveyards to be used in witchcraft and they have known for, among other things, cultural insensitivity because they collected bones out of graveyards disproportionately filled with the corpses of people of colour

While I'm disgusted at the concept of being on precisely the exact same side as Ian Miles Cheong on anything, I don't think hairstyles in videogames must be exposed to this kind of critique.Right wing conspiracy theorist. Extremely involved in US politics but lives in Malaysia. Entirely normal stuff! Honestly not certain why OP brought him into this in the first position, as he's widely known as being a totally unreliable online grifter.

Like I thought the entire notion of cultural appropriation is a neutral thing- hairstyles and style cross cultural lines all of Buy Nook Miles Ticket the time, I feel as if it's only disrespectful if you are appropriating something together with cultural meaning that is not being respected.

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