Will Game Freak abandon Pokemon Games' New Additions?

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Pokemon Games will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2021. But for Pokemon fans, they have become accustomed to Game Freak, and expectations have become very small. They believe that in addition to Game Freak's refusal to add difficulty settings to the mix, the company has also neglected to greatly improve its graphics effects and will only enhance the existing exciting content. But the new Pokemon Sword and Shield series are for fans, the Pokemon Games series has a chance to reproduce its glory.

It seems for some fans the bigger problem Game Freak has is introducing cool extra features and then leaving them within the dust afterward rather than actually developing the information more and preparing it as games still get released. They even feel that Pokemon Sword and Shield introduced Dynamaxing as a dependent. It's just a new modification to something, which makes people surprised and enjoy the new game style, keeping it fresh. It's like Shiny Pokemon that keeps increasing.

But for some Pokemon players, Pokemon Sword and Shield is a new hope. The battle and exploration journey in the Galar area has attracted many players. Players also like the variation of Dynamaxing. The journey of exploration is also more colorful, with players fighting for regional champions. Go on an adventure for a more powerful or special Pokemon. And the wider open-world area, the free movement of cameras, and even the richness of raids. Players have more choices and fun.

For Game Freak, I think I will not give up this series. The most realistic evidence is the sales of Pokemon Sword and Shield. And their idea of ​​combining reality with games. This series of games has so many years of history, it is not easy to give up. Just like mmoso.com has always been a website for players to choose Buy Shiny Pokemon For Sale, they have already gotten used to it. At present, the opinions of players are mostly that the gameplay is not novel enough. But for the old players, are not willing to accept too much new content, and it is the best way to optimize from the original basis and enrich it. The team is also constantly working hard and making progress to create a better version for players.