Begin this quest by walking anywhere in the desert

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Mini-game: Battleship RuneScape gold (searching for new titles, but battleship was the first that came to my mind) Objective: Destroy other ships and secure any loot they've. The way to playYou set sail with your ship and you can sail in any waters in runescape. If your ship starts sinking you can attempt to rescue it by using boards, nails, saw and a hammer. If your ship sinks you don't shed any items you have on you, you merely lose your boat.

Then you have to re-build your boat or you can just rent one or purchase one from another player or NPC. You also get kill-points for killing other players ships in which you can purchase items for your boat like boards, navagators, sails etc.. Overall it sounds like a pretty cool skill. I'd love to hear any suggestions or questions that you have on this great new ability! Thanks!

Desert Secrets. Deep in the center of the desert, the demon Azzanadra requires your assistance to assist in locating the lost grave of his master. Within this new quest, you may encounter dangerous traps, shocking suprises, and haunting secrets that nobody has understood for more than a thousand decades! Can you discover these Desert Keys?

The Crypt. Begin this quest by walking anywhere in the desert. If you have completed Desert Treasure, at any random point, Azzanadra will look and summon you to his pyramid. Proceed to the pyramid. I'm in need of your help once more. What do you really need this time?

However, I fear it is not of this realm. There is a crypt south-west of here which is a burial chamber for the daring Zarosian warriors who perished in this desert battling off the wretched Zamorakians. So, you want me to investigate? I am sure that few know of the grave. Additionally, there's an object of great importance that was buried with King Alirin, among the warriors who fell to the Zamorakians. It's a buy OSRS gold necklace, my pendant, I gave to him on the day that he was crowned.

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