Why wouldnt he have his good stuff on rs2?

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I'd forgotten my password to my prohibited accounts because it was prohibited before"last opportunity appeal" was availible. Well after hearing about OSRS gold last chance appeal I figured I'd get back my password, and send that in because he'd party hats . So I got my password regained, and delivered in a previous opportunity appeal on jan 18th. A week later (now ) I get a little blue notice telling me"powerful"! I was excited and logged . I looked in my intro screen and it said I last logged in 1300 some strange days ago, on my IP. (I made certain of the )

I looked at my stock and remember having my entire rune, diamond amny, blue team, (to match my blue phat) green cape, boots and gloves. But was like where are my blue green and pink phats?? . So I was wondering, is there something I have to do in order to get all my items back? He was banned before rs2 came out, so his things had to of been transferred to rs2 when it did come out. Because I have gotten other reports unbanned for rs2 which were prohibited in rsc, and they had there sprays and materials.

Why wouldnt he have his good stuff on rs2? But he had all the nooby stuff. I understand he wasn't hacked because the ip was exactly the same as I last logged in before I got banned. Please stop saying he had been hacked, he was not. I appeared at the"last logged in from ip. ." Along with I logged in 1300 days ago. Which obviously was once I got banned. So being hacked isn't a possibility.

I'm 97 Combat, and I'm going to get 99 Defense. I now have 83, but I don't understand where to train. 77 Strike, 76 Power, 83 Defense. Abyssal Whip. Dragon SQ Shield/Rune Defender/Holy Book. Dragon Gloves. Defense Bonus, Stab: 233, Slash: 231, Crush: 222, Magic: 8, Range: 228.

A few of the places I believe are good training areas... Yaks (level-22) Gains: 50HP and generally easy to kill. Disadvantage: Another boring day in Neitiznot. Benefits: Easy to Old School RuneScape Gold kill, good Rune drops along with an occasional Key Half. Disadvantage: Sometimes crowded, difficult to bank with a complete inventory.

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