You don't own that space

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If by fly you mean being able to EVE Mobile ISK do anything in null and escape via autopilot I agree with you.but the reality is we only want to reach the destination safe. Everything that occurs thereafter is really on us. And we understand that.But what you are not wanting is a zone that is risky, you need gotcha loot pulls on ships that are afk. If you truly wanted a risky zone you would welcome folks being able to get to your area without difficulty. Because then they are in your area and your prey.

Yes, and if I own that space in mind that is your destination and I don't want you to achieve it safe and I've scouts and decks set up a system a means to prevent you from getting to my area securely, why should you manage to? Sorry. Want to travel through low and high afk and totally safe, that's okay with me. Autopilot should not even be something in Null though.

You don't own that space. You are camping out in it until someone bigger takes it from you. That is the inevitability. If for some reason the assignment system sets a mission for me in your area, you must have no right do keep me from this assignment, because assignment has nothing to Cheap EVE Echoes ISK do with your distance nor you. You would not have received that assignment whatsoever if I didn't get it.

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