I'd sell the Bandos Boots, Dragon are so much better.

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To the person above (Jeff I think) your gear recommendation isn't wise, Bandos less defense because of its price and the str bonus doesn't = its price, Dragonfire shield is the only *costly * peice of RS gold slayer gear identification suggest getting as the str bonus (when billed ) is more subsequently +2 and it has amazing defense and can be used for any undertaking. A chest (runeplate/barrows top) and verac skirt/torag legs function wonders and are MUCH cheaper. I slayed my entire way with rune torag pl8/verac skirt and proceeded onto manhood when it was accessible and handled quite well. Guthans remains essential for recovery on tasks.

I'd sell the Bandos Boots, Dragon are so much better. Much better, cheaper, rare, and better looking than Bandos. Other than that you're good. Aside from the first sentence, this post is a recommendation that is terrible. Dragon Platebody has ~8 more defense than Bandos CP in every stat, and less in Range/Crush. Bandos CP gives Prayer AND Power, Dragon plate gives . There is no competition between the two.

I'd love to know a few tips to lvling my melee,mage and range stats,all these are my stats in the moment... I'd like to boost melee stats to 85 each,based on 85,mage to a minimum of 70 and prayer into 60. I am F2P and I might get associates in a few weeks if I judge that instruction in F2P is way too slow. Also I need some moneymaking methods involving combat in P2P,don't imply green dragons are my past few trips involved revenants ambushing mepersonally, though I will do the occasional 3 trips a day . Additionally my slayer lvl is simply 40.

Background information. Combat Level: 101. Combat Stats: 80 atk and def, 88 str, 83 hp, 52 prayer, 65 mage. Other stats: 35 runecrafting, 46 crafting, 54 woodcutting, 55 firemaking, 60 smithing, 76 fishing, and 79 cooking. Budget: 7m cash. Stats I'm not going to train as a part: Farming, thieving, hunter, summoning, fletching, herblore. Stats that I might train: Slayer, Construction

Stats I wil level up as far as possible: Agility. Time limit: 1 month. (Un)fortunately, the tests have finished, and I am back on my own runescape adventure again. Planning to change my title, and decided that I might as well catch a skillcape to get a skill while I am doing so. After all, I can't pay for a permernent membership, therefore 1 month is all I've got. I have set a few goals for myself, and hoping to achieve them in that 1 month.

Goals for 1 month. 1. Receive a name change (easy). 2. Get a skillcape, so I can return back to F2P without believing I've wasted $18 of my money on buy RuneScape gold just a title change. (Easy to buy one) 3, Get a skill in 99 so that I can get a skillcape. (Really hard, based on the skill) 4. Do some arbitrary member stuff and level up my range. (Moderate difficulty) 5. ) Earn lots of cash (Kind-of-easy)

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