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 Hee hee I believe the guides writers assume we all understand what is necessary to smith bronze. Once your mold is created in the tin - you add the tin & aluminum powder/elements & use it to the burner [as you wrote is the way I did it]. So you probably gotter done today - Gratz for you! The manuals are posted by many different ppl & each has a style for us to OSRS gold accommodate to. However, the guides are really good as long as we can follow them in the correct order. So its great to read them thru before beginning a pursuit to be certain you have what it takes. To complete it get as far as you want - such as the temple Ikov could be started right away merely to find those"boots of Lightness" as people are a massive Help in conducting around.

 Before I talk, I know I will get flammed by people saying"ohhh they are just placing it there so you can observe the cost" or even"you just dont make sence, you dont know what you are talking about". I've noticed something thats occurred. The brand new upgrade theres a reception. I mean wtf. Why would they have that there unless they need cash? Really consider it.

 Why would they have Freeplay with quest=18, world size= big and right next to it having pursuit =160+, even though its own, correct me if im wrong, 165? Placing that additional 5 wont make it look cool so they put 160+ which makes you believe its like 200. And with this next to freeplay leaves f2p look wimpy so the player will be like"Woa I want a bigger map and more quest, allow me to get members" and cheap RuneScape gold the cost in the base"from 5.95 a month" I forgot world size=epic... No comment.

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