They have just ignored it and do the entire surprise Pikachu

They have just ignored it and do the entire surprise Pikachu

I concur with you, but that's probably 20 percent of Mut 21 coins their customers making up 80% of the gain. They'll start to eliminate the not MUT players if they don't at least do anything at this point. Why is it that I have 3 faces and 100 pairs of sneakers? Repairing franchise is just the start. This game has been on roster upgrade mode for 6+ years. The absence of detail that they revealed when they spoke about that the career mode isn't something I personally want in my franchise encounter. They act like this is the first time they heard that there were issues to franchise. Its been awful for many years and people have said it for years. They have just ignored it and do the entire surprise Pikachu face when they get backlash after people have spoken up even louder.

BOYCOTT M21. Starts today. Here is the biggest bullshit reaction ever!

For those mad about MC not transferring, do not worry! You'll find a large sense of pride and achievement buying it all up again in August! I believed madden cash had always transferred in the past. I thought madden money had always moved previously. In previous years it was a massive app update. This is a completely new app. Going for a completely different type of restart. Should not be hard to move. Yes you are right, the devs have changed the sport so much for the better so much since launch and I've not spent a dollar on the game, and am still able to compete with people who have.

I just don't believe that they CAN'T come up with a solution for transferring MC, etc.. I believe that they don't WANT to since it would be difficult and likely cost/time-intensive, but I don't believe for a moment that in 2020 program developers can not come up with a solution for this. This is poor planning or deliberate negligence. Like, are we supposed to believe that a company the size of EA doesn't have a database that stores this type of information which they might obtain a CSV out of or connect with our EA accounts? There is clearly some kind of tether between the different apps considering they requested us to join our EA Accounts now and probably will in MM2021. To me, this screams laziness / a lack of giving a shit because they know MM is the only alternative people have. I just don't find a reason to play this game , which saddens me. That is the reason why we are in need of competition in this space.

No Madden cash move. No more score. No heritage team. No scores is the operative word . . .there needs to be some heritage component or some thing we could do during madden futures. Wow. This isn't going to be well received. All the grinding needs to at least offer something. In years ago you might get gamers and fill in your group for next season. It is accurate, those were fine bonuses were not they. But surely you didn't grind all year for a few elites second time around. No but as someone that didnt start this year until the buy mut coins madden 21 TOTD promo came out it seems rather useless.

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