Special Weapon: Enhanced Excalibur.

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Special Weapon: Enhanced Excalibur. I usually take 4 food, plus a full tortoise of RuneScape gold this , 12-15 prayer potions (damn those go quickly ), a home tab, a pair of fostering baskets but no defence, and darklight. Oh and the lantern. You'll probably swap around things like CLS for a Korasi's Sword or some thing (excellent 1handed stab weapon). I hope that helps, just recalling exactly what I use.

After finally completing The Fremennik Isles last night at about midnight (lmao), I rather got to a questing mood. I'm thinking of performing Monkey Madness (along with the two quests you want to complete before it), and I was wondering if I have the stats to do it relatively easily? Can I get through without dying with these stats when I followed the guide? I would probably be meleeing everything.

So I went f2p while I had been on vacation, and I decided I'm going to get 70 def until I start paying . I'm just about 38k off, however there are a few problems: Quite obviously, I am f2p. Limits the amount of creatures. You know. Bank space. I don't have some of it, so I need to purchase food from the inventory. I have about 600k left from before my vacation, so that I can buy food if I need to. Armor. As of right now, I am using rune plate, legs, complete helm, and 2h. I'm wearing boots of lightness, ring of riches, ghostly cape and gloves since I left them when I moved f2p and I don't want to carry them about, but I also don't want to loose them. I really don't know why but I added variety and mage. Maybe someone knows a fantastic way to train protection and one of those abilities? Thanks Ahead of Time!

I specifically asked if this picture was readable. So unprofessional. I have irrefutable evidence, yet, whatever. People on these forums have no true power anyway. I just want to say how the CC has gone into shizzle. You guys never do anything anymore. It was fun. Now it all seems to be is higher levels attempting to create lower levels sense like shizzle for even attempting, and every tropical action is for greater levels.

Recall when we conducted trains and did spirit wars, e.g.? It's too a lot of contest today. The only real debate is was about religion. That was understandably dismissed by a mod after it became too emotional (when they were there). People are so mean today. Apparently you need a 99 to cheap OSRS gold gain esteem. I use to get grats on any level. Now I want to get a 90+ or something. Additionally, I am only mean to people who are mean to me personally (which was NEVER). A lot of people are mean today.

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