This would have been a fantastic regular update for a soccer game

This would have been a fantastic regular update for a soccer game

Why make excuses for your developers? Can PC get the Mut 21 coins following Gen upgrade? I think its dumb too lol but that is my source on it. The press release does not say they won't, however it will specifically say"next gen consoles" with no mention of PC. Feels like something EA would perform. Surely they'll clarify it someplace soon. They did the exact same for FIFA 14 in 2013. The next-gen version (to be honest, it had been better for a number of reasons) was only available on PS4 and Xbox One. PC did did not see parity before the subsequent year. Same ol' song and dance here. That is hilarious. The press release does not state that they won't. Your source regrettably states"These features, however, will just be from the PlayStation 5 along with Xbox collection X versions of Madden NFL 21, not the Windows PC version."

Which makes absolutely zero sense, considering the new consoles are based on the new Zen 2/RDNA two architecture that's being released right now with all the Ryzen 5000 series and RX 6000 series. It ought to take next to no effort for them to vent to PC. I cometely agree. I made this argument to my own girlfriend RIGHT before my response haha. This makes no sense. Why would you not release an update for PC? EA is truly one of the worst businesses of all time. Yal got mods that may make the game better anyways. Yal might be better off with the modders that treat this as a labour of love. As to madden that just wants cash. Its the Exact Same DANM ANIMATIONS. Saw a number of the very same animations in the sport that they have been using for decades. Probably a dumb question but are these updates coming into the PC version too? I am just bummed because I can not carry my offline franchise information over.

Player based play calling was in Madden 2001. Then the rest is"We can't make the game realistic so we are using machine learning how to attempt to get it done while shoving ads for Amazon on your face." I anticipated nothing and I am still completely disappointed. I truly wish to get back to Madden so bad. I just can't. Maybe I am biased/bitter because I fell off back together with 16 but for some reason I just can not get back to it. It does not seem like soccer. Sounds pretty awesome but I wonder if this game will have any modifications to franchise mode. A good deal of these attributes are involving real life player data so idk how that could effect generated players and stats. Wow. Im actually very disappointed. Most of the gameplay revealed has the specific same cartoons out of madden 20. I really could litterally do the specific same things they showed in the trailer in madden 20. And participant special play calling? Its just a old attribute that they put back into the game (why did they ever take it out at the first place?) .

Yeah 2k second gen blew this the water out. This would have been a fantastic regular update for a soccer game, but for a buy mut coins madden 21 new generation upgrade this is pathetic, especially in contrast to what NBA2K is performing. The RFID/Next Gen Stats thing is the only genuinely new feature that seems like something, and even that is likely gont get noticed by the animations . Sounds too legit. It is probably gonna be nothing noticeable while playing. I can not get hyped. I won't. The simple fact that the game comes out in 2.5 weeks and EA was willing to not provide a hands-on preview is frightening. NFL games are performing that"Next Gen Stats" and tracking for perhaps 2-3 years to my knowledge as they broadcast it during matches. And this is just now to be executed to create players seem"more real" and"true to life".

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