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Zamorak: Ladder is located in the middle of RuneScape gold this Demonic Ruins; climb down, and jump the lava river (15 Ability ), and follow the path to the portal and teleport into the Zamorak Base. Saradomin: Ladder is located beside the Legislation Temple; climb down, swing upon the stalagmite holds (15 Ability ), and follow the path to the portal and teleport into the Saradomin Base.

They're the backbone of the entire army; they leave alongside the warriors. They are the only ones aloud to heal themselves as well as other participant; they are given Mini-Game exclusive Stackable Anti-Poisens and Healing Potions (1K of each.)

The leading linesman, they are the first to depart the God's Cave; they're awarded scrolls that can recharge their special attack bar; however in the cost of 3 prayer points each throw. 2nd to leave the God's Cave; they are advised to utilize the sniping posts disperse through-out the War Arena; they're given 1K Adamant Arrows, but once they run out the need to utilize their Bow as a melee weapon.

These are the sweepers of the military; they depart 3rd and can throw their weapons like boomerangs... at the price of some Special Power, Running Energy, and Prayer Points. These usually do not exit far from the foundation; they're supplied with 5K of the majority of runes; they can also utilize an exclusive ability in the stadium were then can throw a charm 3-times, in the cost of a Prayer Ponts and the runes for 5 Casts.

These gamers cannot Bring any weapons into the war zone; they are granted a boosted defense (20 Points), and it won't drain while in their throne; in adition that they can not be contested, and can exchange prayer points and conduct energy for wellbeing (There are just 2 Royalty, one male and female, these are like flags in capture the flag, and buy OSRS gold once both are murdered the match finishes.)

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