Agree 100% that the game feels incomplete as it is

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Yeah, this is really beginning to Animal Crossing Bells bug me. I play a LOT, and the amount of times I get replicate lines from villagers isn't any joke. Sadly I've never played NL, but it's honestly shocking to hear that the difference - that I can't for the life span of me understand why Nintendo would decide to"dumb down" the villagers such as this.

I feel like the game was released like a year too early. Furniture sets, villager dialogue, brewster, corner shop upgrades, minigames from tortimer island so you actually have something to do with buddies online (fine, they weren't that enjoyable, but they might improve upon that notion ), gyroids...

Yep. Agree 100% that the game feels incomplete as it is. I understand Nintendo have stated that they'll be releasing upgrades for two decades or so, but honestly that's too slow for most players.At this stage I'm starting to think they purposely withheld content so they might add it afterwards. How else could they know that they've"two years" worth of content to include?

Oh yeah, that's definitely the case. And it is annoying many players because the content they are withholding was available in previous games and principles of their franchise (it sounds odd to make us wait 1-2 years for Brewster, by way of example). They clearly want to milk this game for as long as they can (even more so now that it's turned into Cheap Nook Miles Ticket a massive victory thanks to Covid).

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