You're welcome to return... just in case you need it

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Martin Thwait will be gone in RS gold a flash. Unfortunately, he will not leave the clues on a scroll. It will read: 2 Kings there are, both of one source, one jealous, the other fearless. Look towards the rising tides of two people who are joined. They will lead you to the spot where I speak. It is obvious. Freminnik Isle however, which? It is possible to charter a ferry for Jatizo from Mord Gunnar. There will be an unidentified person on the dock.

Make an error, fool! The Stranger strikes Mord Gunnar, and awards him a 25. He then dies and drops a Map of the Seas. The Stranger won't go down without a fight. Kill Bandit. He is armed with Rune Daggers (P+) and is able to hit you up to four times. Once he dies, he will drop Clue Scroll. Read it to reveal: Circle of Evil in a rotted town; deep in a marsh of invisible dangers; I am sought by a rebellion, look away from the depression and look into the darkness; find me and you will be able to take a second part. Burgh De Rotte is the obvious solution. Talk to any of the 6 citizens.

You're welcome to return... just in case you need it. That's right! I am a shadow! The Stranger is now in my shadow! Level 69. He will die. He can only use a Dragon Dagger and won't ever make use of the special. He's an easy target and drop Thwait’s Key. The key of Thaiwt allows you to locate an alternative. Click Read Key and the player will read the tunnel of the theives, where you can find me. The treasure of a hundred thousand scarabs is hidden deep beneath the dunes. Pyramid Plunder is a great location to look for the man. Start the mini-game, and go to buy OSRS gold the final room (requires 90 theiving) and you'll be able to view a short cutscene.

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