I was primary tank to get a guild for half WoD doing mythic

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Classic was busted too though. Druids were pretty shitty for WOW Classic TBC Gold some time, particularly if you wished to go freal. They've always had broken courses they do not fix. They did exactly the same thing when they eventually fixed feral druids, they acted just like they gave us something amazing. I had been a feral druid to get a year before anybody would take me raids, it may have been longer, I can not recall now. Lol.

God, I have PTSD from legendary farming in Legion. I had been a frost DK and also to actually hit the amounts I had to be pulling, you HAD to have this epic. I wanna say it was some bracers? I conducted Nighthold over and above. For months. I ended up quitting for a while and came back in the end of BFA.

I was primary tank to get a guild for half WoD doing mythic. The guild fell me as a main tank in Emerald Nightmare because the sole mythical I managed to get (even though I did all potential cultivation ) was sephiz secret. Confidentially it was mythic ursoc in buy WOW TBC Classic Gold which they dropped me.

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