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It seems that this is like a broken record with NBA 2K games, especially in the first couple of months after release. When you consider the next-gen version of the game has only been around for 10 days on PlayStation 5 and 12 on nba 2k21 mt coins Xbox Series X, it is not too worrisome that the game is still having any lag and connectivity problems.

That said, some of the cases where users are seeing these problems are unacceptable. The limit on the number of folks who can make it to the City is a difficult pill to swallow. I have heard and been told 2K is working on a fix for this particular issue, and I would assume it'd be on top of their list of priorities.

Another significant place we are seeing connectivity/lag issues is MyTeam. Because 2K is facilitating the opening stages of their yearly MyTeam $250,000 championship, it makes them problematic spots even costly.NBA 2K League veteran and multiple-time participant at the tournament Jin recorded and posted this moment he saw him or his competitor lag out of a recent contest.If 2K will run eSports competitions online, they have to do everything in their power to ensure proper connectivity.

Perhaps among the most common gameplay complaints I have heard comes from cheap mt nba 2k21 users asserting contact dunks are overpowered in PARK, Rec and Pro-Am. The mechanic appears similar even in the NBA portions of this match, but because the number of players together with the Posterizer badge aren't as widespread, it's no problem.

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