What my idea is that when you go to RuneScape

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What my idea is that when you go to RuneScape gold a shop, like maybe... A Rune store, which you're able to get your bank through a space on the store display. Here is the deal- Lots of gamers will likely need to buy something by a nearby store or something, as an example, the Rune Shop at Varrok. When you go to buy something, the screen appears and shows what the items are from the shop.

Afterward, in a place below, you may observe how much cash you have merging together with the money in your stock and any stored in the bank along with the simalar items the Rune Shop sells. This way, you can conserve inventory stains for selling and using a option to set it in the bank or not.

Now, I know many people will say:" However, this helps autoers as well." That's true, but if you want to get this feature, you need to have a Bank Pin. Considering I have no clue if Autoers have bank pins or not, it would be good to keep your things safe unless you didn't want to do it or not. Currently... Time to reviel the main point of the this thought...

For regular trading- same attribute, however, you might search your bank by typing in... Oh let's say whether the buyer was looking for a certain type of arrow... There will be a distinct bar set from the normal Shop space that permits the user to type in the key word of this item of the person is looking for and it could get into the bank if you know you have it, but it isn't on your inventory. But now, in addition, it prevents scams if utilized. You'll also have to acces your own Bank Pin to receive your offer up ( this goes for only folks taking items or cash out of the bank).

Then, on the next trade screen, in the event the thing was taken from the participant's lender ( This will go with both people considering whether the man or woman is taking money out of his bank and another taking the item from the bank), the person must type in his Bank Pin again if the item was taken from their lender. This is to ensure the thing will be transfered from the gamers bank, into the other person's inventory into a bank note. Of course it will be another participant's responsiblility to cheap RS gold make sure it is the ideal product.

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