What isn't changing from first Diablo 2?

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The material: Resurrected includes Diablo 2 and the expansion Lord of Diablo 2 Resurrected Items Destruction. Same seven characters, same campaigns, no new styles or narrative. It's Diablo 2. Blizzard's developers said that they had been tempted to add more material, but chose to focus on nailing the remaster. The original images and game code: You are able to change to Diablo 2's classic images on the fly and swap the brand new dimly lit 3D for the classic 2D sprites. That's because Resurrected is running on that original code.

"The logic of this game and all the sprites and pathing and information of the equipment, your drop rates and your hit chance and proportions, and whether this monster selects to bleed since you struck them, is still driven by the older game and it runs at 25 frames per minute," explained Gallerani. "So all of your breakpoints for your stats are still also going to be the same as they had been. On top of this, however, we have considerably more granularity using framerate, with directions that we render stuff out, with how lighting works, since it's basically a 3D engine running atop. Think of it like a marionette: the person pulling the strings is your 2D game. But in this situation it's a blockier [puppeteer] plus a very lifelike puppet."

First Diablo co-creator David Brevik pointed out on Twitter that they might want to create"small modifications in the AI radius and ability ranges" because the original game was constructed for 4:3 displays.

The inventory size: Blizzard considered changing this as a modern quality of life upgrade, but decided against it. "One of the things that's really different in D2 when compared with contemporary [action-RPGs] is you are not pulling 70 weapons out of your backpack at any point in time," Fergusson said. We had lots of discussions about: If we increase the inventory size? It's one of those places where we felt that that was a bridge too far.

It was part of the makeup of the match. The simple fact that you collect charms which produce your character more powerful but are eating up your stock space, it provides you this tension of'do I need that +15% magic find in the cost of 3 slots in my inventory?' Those were interesting and meaningful decisions while you're enjoying. The idea of,'this is great because of buy Diablo Immortal Gold life' became'no , we are actually breaking the game mechanisms .'"

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