Several new Pokémon in Pokemon Sword and Shield

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Pokedex has always been one of the important gameplays of the Pokémon series. Completing Pokedex is also a very challenging task. With the update of the game version, some new Pokémon have been introduced, and this big family has been adding new members. The eighth-generation is also the hottest version at present, so I will introduce several new Pokémon.

Dragapult is a pseudo-legendary Pokémon. It is loved by players with its excellent 600 basic attributes and invisible characteristics in the Galar area. Pokémon that are dragons and ghosts are immune to normal and fighting Pokemon. A mobile combination of Fly, Dragon Darts, and Dragon Pulse, Hex, Dragapult is a fighter.

Grapploct is a fighting judo master. Learning Rock Smash, Brick Break, and Whirlpool, Muddy Water is a good choice for it. But it can learn a lot of actions, and how to combine it also needs to be explored or judged according to the combat situation. It is just like Shiny Pokemon, which is worth the player's obtain.

Corviknight's Flying and Steel twin engine is one of the very good introductions in the eighth generation. It is the evolution of Corvisquire at level 38 and the final form of Rookidee. The basic performance of the 495 is not so outstanding, but the Raven Pokemon attribute, which is immune to poisons and ground-type Pokemon and Moves, makes it very popular in these areas. The Gmax form is very cool.

Morpeko's basic attribute is 436. Its cute appearance and fierce attack skills have also made it the nickname of the double-faced Pokemon. As the dark electric Pokémon in the eighth generation, although there will be changes in the "hunger switch" function, it cannot evolve into any other Pokémon. Using the signature Thunder Punch, Bite, Crunch, and Spark, without being affected by the Psychic-type of Pokemon and Moves, the gaming experience using it is very good.

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