Top 6 Reliable Business Phone & VoIP Service Providers in 2020

Business telephone service may look dull to some business tech buyers when compared with sweltering technologies like video conferencing or team collaboration platforms.

Business telephone service may look dull to some business tech buyers when compared with sweltering technologies like video conferencing or team collaboration platforms. Regardless, while many technologies come and go, voice is one of those staples purposes each business needs to address, especially now numbers of corporate workforces are being redistributed to work-from-home environments. Fortunately, present-day cloud-managed voice over IP – voip managed services can be easily reconfigured to support remote customers, and often they also offer integrated solutions for more modern communication capacities, including both web meetings and team chats.

6G Technology

Somewhat amusingly, the LTE standard is as still advancing itself and a couple of angles will be used in 5G. In a comparative vein as B4G, Beyond5G (B5G) can be seen as a pathway to 6G technologies that will render fifth-generation capabilities and 5G applications neglect to have the right stuff. 5G technology (and resulting applications and services) are predicted to be generally a wandering stone to the 6G technology market. Communicated differently, similarly as 3G did exclude significant value, incredibly a scaffold to 4G/LTE, we also consider 5G to be as a catalyst for the 6G market.

Here, we help you with picking the right solution for your business from the list of The Best Business VoIP Providers for 2020.

  1. Freshcaller

Pors: Freshcaller is a full-of featured VoIP cloud-based pack. This is designed for use in call centers or customer support that is easy to set up and can be reasonable in cost.

Cons: Freshcaller is unquestionably not a broadly used business VoIP service since it doesn’t allow internal phone calls beside as a significant part of a conference feature, and it only supports phones on a PC or smartphone. There is no backing for hardware devices in any way.

Bottom Line: If you need a call center phone package, then Freshcaller most likely has what you want, as long as you can do it with a softphone.

  • Ooma Office

Pros: Very fundamental set up. Incredible call quality. Free number exchange. Versatile receptionist component. Solid mobile application.

Cons: High up-front costs. 20-line maximum. Telephone calls limited to 10 individuals. No SIP phone support or softphone. Needs discourse speech-to-text voicemail translation.

Bottom Line: Ooma Office offers small businesses a turnkey VoIP phone system with a virtual assistant, multiple lines, and more. In any case, it doesn’t have some high-quality features offered by the competitors.

  • Vonage Business

Pros: Good voice quality. Full set of business features available. Mobile and desktop calling applications.

Cons: Comparatively expensive, with many features extra-cost. The set-up can be trickier and interface less clear than some of the contenders.

Bottom Line: Vonage    offers favorable VoIP features for small-to-medium-size companies, and its call quality is amazing. In any case, it’s less simple to set up than specific contenders, and some of the features cost extra.

  • Citrix Grasshopper

Pros: Extremely fast and easy setup. Minimal expense. Covers the basics s of a business phone system including fundamental call routing/IVR, voicemail, and faxing.

Cons: Requires existing landlines or PDAs. Confined features past the basics.

Bottom Line: Citrix Grasshopper is an exceptional business-class voice over IP (VoIP) solution for small businesses that need an essential phone system fast.

  • Line2

Pros: Easy to set up. Less expense for a basic business phone system that consolidates call routing, IVR, voice mail with interpretation, and faxing.

Cons: Runs only as an application on a smartphone or PC, or as a web application.

Bottom Line: Line2 may have begun as an application to let you get to multiple lines on your telephone, anyway today, this is afull-on cloud business telephone application that unequivocally targets small businesses and does as such at a charming cost saving. Regardless, you may not find each feature you want, so vet the service carefully before committing it.

  • 8×8 Virtual Office Pro

Pros: Near-perfect, cloud-based Unified Communications for SMBs. Joining of VoIP, fax, Web conferencing, and chat into one solution. Endless local and long-distance calling. Some international calling. Easy-to-use Web interface.

Cons: Program windows sharing in Web conferencing doesn’t work in this solution. Desktop sharing is also not possible. Slightly smothered call quality.

Bottom Line: 8×8 Virtual Office Pro is a premier Unified Communications offering for SMBs; the potential ROI advantage over that offered by traditional PBX systems is a plus.


If you’re aiming to depend upon your phone system over the next decade, then you should consider a dealer that is adequately consistent enough to connect with whenever it’s a time to upgrade.

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