I became a Sacramento Monarchs fan

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Cooper and Swoopes are thought to NBA2king be the first true faces of the WNBA However, it was Leslie who became the first name of the league to those who Backyard Basketball was geared towards, including me. Leslie was the very first WNBA player I heard of and influenced me to get into women's basketball.

Then, my involvement in the sport increased gradually. I'll never forget Diana Taurasi being featured on the front cover of Sports Illustrated alongside Emeka Okafor after their UConn Huskies won the national championship in both men's basketball and women's basketball in 2004.

After that, I became a Sacramento Monarchs fan. I saw them play in the 2006 WNBA Finals against Detroit Shock. Since watching Parker perform in the national championships won by the Tennessee Lady Volunteers, I've been a huge fan of women's basketball. I started covering the WNBA in the year 2012.

Swish Appeal was my first job , and I am still able to aid in the promotion of women's basketball with my coverage. Lisa Leslie's appearance in an online game marked a pivotal moment in the life of an individual who wanted to keep the exposure cycle going.

Sports Illustrated's decision to equally show the UConn women and the men on its cover as well as ESPN's coverage of Monarchs, Shock and Lady Vols and my choice to go to Buy 2K MT Xbox a college that encouraged coverage of women's athletics all played a role in the development of the cycle.

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