The idea is straightforward

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These kill points may later be traded for RuneScape Mobile gold items or money, maybe at the Jolly Boar Inn, the Zamorak church in Varrock, or Edgeville. This would return the fantastic old thrill of PKing, give nothing to RWTers, and still give a reward aside from excitement to the PKers. In addition to that, gravestone blessing should not function in the wilderness, so your team can't preserve your stuff and it'll evaporate if the tomb expires.

Additionally, I had an idea for a shop in Edgeville run by pirates which carries things that people loose upon expiring from the Wilderness. Or maybe instead of pirates they could only be"Looters" and the location could be called the Looters Guild, though it's an NPC-only guild. They may have a small discount compared to buying the item elsewhere. What do you believe? When at all possible, could someone post this to the official Runescape forums in my behalf? (please charge me) I'm not a member anymore therefore that I can't.

The idea is straightforward. There's a waiting room exactly like castle wars. Its a 15vrs15 match the team who has the most flags capture at the end of three 10 min rounds win.

There is an attacking team and there is a defending team. Zammy starts out first they are the attacker they need to invade the castle get the flag and return it within 10 min. Sara must stop zammy from getting the flag or buy OSRS gold else zammy receives the point. Heres the catch. The flag is find in a dungeon inside the castle. The group that is protecting can setup traps for example spikes trap doors and etc.. And you could construct doors that lock from timber.

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