Will WoW "Championship Season" be disappointed by the announcement?

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We now know very well what will happen in the first season of the World of Warcraft Classic Championship. The content of the vanilla era should again be divided into six stages. However, this time the cycle should be completed in twelve months (two months for each phase). Therefore, this is even feasible, and the developers promise faster progress:

Thanks for the task of XP lovers
Honor system and battlefield of the first stage
More mining and herbal sources
If necessary, support to open Ahn'Qiraj

Obviously, the raid instance should be clearer, the world buff ban in the raid instance, increase the health of the boss, and restore the mechanism that has been deleted from some raid bosses. This was blocked to some extent because the limitation on the weakening effect of the boss should also disappear.

In the new section of the Prepared Podcast, Classic fans/hosts/Youtubers Sno and Zirene talked about all these things and came to the following conclusions:

The level 14 running-in must be changed, otherwise, players who are keen on top PvP levels will miss one, two or even three complete stages of their guild, because they must sit on the battlefield 24/7. Through these changes, you can see that Holy Longdale has been in charge of Everquest's nostalgic server for a long time. Most of the things that happened during WoW Classic and the championship season were and are on the Everquest Classic server.

As with Everquest, this now seems to be an attempt to express milk when possible. In theory, you can now repeat this 12-month cycle over and over again. In each cycle, fewer and fewer players join, but enough to easily generate valuable sales in the next few years. Zirene criticized Blizzard for changing too little with the championship season and bringing too few new things. Having more healthy bosses is not the solution. That is recycling. It is best to change/add the mechanism or implement the new raid instance planned for the vanilla version at the time.

The level stage on the Everquest server is so long that players use the new cycle to play different courses widely. In WoW Classic, you can quickly upgrade all the classes you want to level 60-thanks for the upgrade. It's just a lack of incentives. The timing is strange, because "Classic Fresh" and "TBC Classic" cannibalize each other. After WotLK Classic, there will be more championship seasons.

Karsten believes that the championship season and the TBC Classic will cannibalize each other. At least I don't know anyone who gets torn because they really want to play these two versions but can't. On the one hand, many TBC Classic players almost only log on to the raid date and one or another farm round. On the other hand, the championship season simply lacks attractive arguments.

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