The next step is to get rid of some of the fences

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The most recent update to the world map has been able to fill in some of the gaps. There's still room for developement but getting rid of OSRS gold those ugly lines along the edges really made them look like much more well-rounded areas that make more sense.

The next step is to get rid of some of the fences (I haven't visited Al Kharid yet but I like the look of the area) and in particular the starter zone would be great, after which the shrinking of Draynor Manor so it goes along with the rest of Scale Theory would make the map much more appealing.

In fact there's a slight variation of the discussion that we had. I'd like to see the world map be modified slightly so that Scale Theory either near-universally applied (on the mainland) or not. Draynor Manor represents the actual size, while Draynor Village represents a fraction. Draynor Village is about the same size as a village however, the Clan Camp is too large in relation to Falador's size. I'm certain there are other examples.

The only place where I think it makes sense to buy RuneScape gold expand to a proper size is during quests, and thus on the edge of the map. There is either too many spaces (forests I've mentioned previously) or not enough. Draynor Manor, and Clan Camp are large-scale items that aren't able to fit into the already congested f2p zone.

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