The question is what is there to do now?

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Runescape is a place where all people are equally. A place where all have the right to RuneScape Gold speak out for themselves and the game creators. You can decide the subject matter Runescape is about. Kill, talk, or kill. Or to be a pure, foruminate, fisherman for a while.

Or to search for gold. We have the right to make our own choices. Or do we? Lord of the Rings has existed for 60 years and has outlived its creator. It appears to be flourishing. What do you think of Runescape? Is it possible to escape zombiefication by running? It's your choice.

Hello, I just played Runescape while lurking on these forums as well as RSOF. Two factors led me to quit Runescape around a year and a quarter back: Lack of interest in the MMOs (Dragon Nest, etc), being occupied by research (still am) or feeling jaded with RS overall. The last one seems to be the feeling that the majority of players are experiencing right today. But I digress.

So I went back to Runescape. I logged on, searched, bought some Guthix / Zam armor sets as well as my Sara set. The money was taken from Treasure Trails. I noticed the slight changes in this and that, one new quest in F2P and Squeal of Fortune (that generated quite a stir when it first came out, rofl) as well as titles. Personally, I think that the SoF is rather boring. The majority of the valuable items are mems that can be claimed. It's not as if they'd include an old statuette (worth 5 million).

The question is what is there to do now? When I was active I was a member of the clan, and enjoyed the wars among the Wildy clans prior to the creation of Buy OSRS Fire Cape Gamers' Grotto. But the majority of clans nowadays require some level of commitment.

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