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His ship was sunk close to RuneScape gold the fishing system so move there. Make sure that you bring a Fishing Rod with you! Once on the Fishing Platform go to the southern fishing place and throw your pole. After catching a few fish you will find Longbow Ben's Golden Peg Leg. Bring it back to him and he will provide you his peg leg. Bring all of the things back to Trader Stan and he will let you perform one final job.

You must kill the Sea Serpent that sank a boat carrying 1/2 of the trading provides. Now catch the best mage or variety equipment you've got and sail Trader Stan's Vessel, that has been fixed with two cannons and two catapults. You've only been given 50 Cannon Balls and 50 Large Rocks so use them wisely. He will only stay over the water for a minute at a time therefore aim your shots wisely. After the ferocious battle, Bring the serpent's head to Trader Stan. Congratulations! Quest!

Well, first lets talk about the basic idea of this mini-game at the first location. My idea is that, somewhere in Runescape there'll be a big area (maybe about the size of clan wars or somewhat bigger:/) and in that area there's a giant stadium split into four different sections to maintain higher and lower level thieving players apart so the reduced level players don't have to worry about easily getting pick pocketed by a higher level burglar. Until you enter the stadium there's a large (about the size of the Grand Exchange) construction in which you input to get started.

The main building. The main building is the place where you will run through the rules, ways of play and rewards direct together with all the thieving mini-game tutor. After he runs you through the principles you'll be able to begin to play. Now allow me to tell you a few of the things he would tell you (I shall put this in listing format)

there'll be four portals, each portal built to teleport different level thieves (players) for example: if you're at level 50 thieving, you'd enter the next portal which is built for moderate level thieves. And buy old school runescape gold if you're at level 90 thieving, you'd enter the fourth portal site.

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