I only feel like after being with that game for 4 decades now

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From one Animal Crossing Bells perspective, yes. However, there will always be new children, families, and casual players for Nintendo to appeal to. What is wrong with that? I'm not really in their demographic anymore and will perform the few games they discharge that do look interesting to me personally.

I think it was a lousy idea for Nintendo to make another splatoon match for the switch because they already had splatoon 2 and that game had a fairly major community and participant base and that I also was a bit disappointed that we did not get anything ably BOTW 2 but we got a Zelda game for this season

Does anybody else feel as though. . .they sort of want a brand new Zelda that isn't a sequel to BOTW? Like when it had been 2 years after BOTW it still felt fresh and new. I was excited to explore this universe more.

But today I just kind of feel like that I want an entirely new Zelda narrative and to explore a different portion of the timeline. If they're taking the identical quantity of time to produce this game than they do to generate a brand new installment...I sort of would rather have a brand new installment?

Idk I'm not trying to be negative. I only feel like after being with that game for 4 decades now, I am kind prepared for an amazing new Hyrule adventure and a fresh Connect!

Unless this is the start of a brand new Zelda age and most of Zelda games for the near future are going to be Cheap Nook Miles Ticket sequels to BOTW.

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