Jewelry: Typically Emerald up and items have reduced alch losses.

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Jewelry: Typically Emerald up and items have reduced alch losses. Emerald bracelets have been great before, check some others. Junk: Items such as Pouches (unworthy ones) walnut longbows and rune javelins as you have mentioned usually sell for an extremely low price (below market) and have comparatively high alch values. Swamp Tar method: there is a barrel on Pirate's Cove that spawns a couple Swamp Tars every couple of seconds. By waiting for them to OSRS gold spawn, you can collect the pitch and get someplace between 1 and 10 every time. While waiting for this to respawn, you can alch. The collection of the tar wipes out a large proportion of your alching price and slows down you very little. You will only skip about 1 alch per 15 seconds or so.

Slayer - Tbh, only duradel it, since Sumona gives some bs tasks. Magic - NO. Fire Wave or Fire Surge only tbh, or you are wasting so much cash. Powering Air orbs is fine, trying doing circus etc.. Helps a lot. Herblore - Make pure superb sets and use as numerous cheaper/free herbs you may get. Mining - Granite. Range - Yaks are fun:rolleyes: Chinning Mummies is similar to good and like wyvrens are ok, not too good though. Woodcutting - Teaks/Ivy/Maples. Can not I be shedding more using Fire Wave? Hmm, I might try Duradel...

Also, for granite, should I be banking them? To utilize for summoning later. I had been thinking: Cadantine: Super Defense; Avantoe: Super Energy; Lantadyme: Anti-FireBreath; Dwarf Weed: Ranging. With fire tide, you'll hit more frequently and more difficult. But powering air orbs is a much better option, or utilizing vunerability on these thingies in the underground area for magical guild. Should you want fastest exp, Powermine it. If you would like to use granite to your future, lender it.

Those potions sell quickly, particularly Ranging pots and antifires. Yes, it is more cost effective to perform lower leveled spells if you don't do something to get a profit like superheating mith bars, making teletab, etc.. Just bank the granite if you know you'll use it later. If you don't mind wasting money simply drop it for quicker exp and buy it afterwards. Teaks are great exp but they're a pain to bank. Ivy is great, although generally crowded. Ardougne seems like the ideal spot to Old School RS Gold cut ivy in my opinion. Along with your potion choices are fine

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