I am kinda stuck in this idea of becoming a member

I am kinda stuck in this idea of becoming a member

Well, I am kinda stuck in this idea of becoming a member again and again beginning RS upward again. I just don't know yet, so here is a list of what I can come up with for what I saw coming in RS gold after 3 decades of not playing: I am lvl 95. All my stuff is member's stuff. I haven't played in 3+ years. I have enough willow logs to get to 99 fletching. I have no gold (except for 10k, but that is bad guy's money ). So what do you think, should I begin playing , or should I not and play anything like WoW (I typically have 1 MMORPG to stay with, I may just do WoW and RS, but idk)? Is the current RS worth coming back to?

To be entirely honest with you, not really. Jagex has introduced a new skill that's, for the most part, less than what everyone expected. The graphics have been revamped, but not too much has changed. This year has been largely high level updates that would not actually affect you too much. By playing, you will most likely get hooked and waste a good portion of your free time. Later, it's difficult to quit playing .

I have been meaning to attempt Aviansies for quite a while now (just for the hell of it)... The only issue is that my stats are quite low. Can I even be able to do Aviansies? Even though using the tank way is hard without 70 range, it is still possible to have success at Aviansies. Rather, I recommend using the prayer method, sporting a Zamorak Mitre and a Saradomin God Book (or a Saradomin Mitre along with a Zamorak God Book). In addition to this, you need to wear monk robe tops and bottoms, in addition to a Rune crossbow and Armadyl Pendent. The bolts are up to you, Broad work well if you can use them and at the boots slot, use Snakeskin, Ranger or White Boots. An accumulator and your best barrows gloves should also be obtained. Even though it sounds expensive, in the end, you will make more than enough cash to pay for the supplies.

In RuneScape there's a lot of things to do and also to have fun. In WoW it is mass-grinding, and then you have fun, Raiding, getting Armour, and so on, Frankly, if I had to select one, I state RuneScape, since you can do brand new items everyday. Forget about what anyone is saying about upgrades and skills. You have to deem whether they are bad or good for yourself.

Well I've become a non-member again in my primary & I messed up my pure by getting up its defence by 3 levels without understanding (Dont ask me ) so I chose to make a level 3 skiller called iiskillx (Feel free to include ) & I was wondering does this sound like a fantastic strategy: In F2P gain: 80 Woodcutting. What ever firemaking level I gain from burning the logs, so im guessing around level 70-80? 60 Fishing. 60 Mining. What ever smithing level I get from smithing that the buy rs gold paypal ores. 60 Crafting. 50-55 Runecrafting.

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