I typically take 4 food, and a full tortoise of this

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You don't need a uni to OSRS gold receive 15 kills+ per excursion, even in your level. I can tell you now. Anything, usually some kind of teleport because of what I was last doing, however sometimes Archers/Warriors. I use those for 10+ kills per excursion at 78 ranged. They're cheap and not as bad as folks may create out. Weapon: Rune C'bow and Chaotic Longsword.

Special Weapon: Enhanced Excalibur. I typically take 4 food, and a full tortoise of this , 12-15 prayer potions (damn these go quickly ), a home tab, a set of fostering pots but no defence, and darklight. Oh and the lantern. You will likely swap about things like CLS for a Korasi's Sword or some thing (excellent 1handed stab weapon). I hope that helps, only remembering what I use.

After finally finishing The Fremennik Isles last night at around midnight (lmao), I rather got into a questing mood. I'm considering doing Monkey Madness (along with the 2 quests you need to finish before it), and I was wondering when I have the stats to do it relatively easily? Can I get through without dying with these stats if I followed the manual? I'd most likely be meleeing everything.

So I recently went f2p while I had been on vacation, and I decided that I'm going to get 70 def until I start paying again. I'm only about 38k off, however there are a few issues: Quite obviously, I am f2p. Limits the number of monsters. You understand. Bank space. I don't have some of it, therefore I have to purchase food from the stock. I still have about 600k left from before my holiday, so I can buy food if I need to. Armor. As of right now, I'm using rune plate, legs, complete helm, and 2h. I really don't understand why but I added range and mage. Perhaps someone knows a good way to train defense as well as one of these skills? Thank you in cheap RuneScape Mobile gold advance!

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