But there I was studying the"Behind the Scenes

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You and OSRS gold Ivan will likely be attack by demons inside (both lvl 104) When you move out side you'll see that Elder is lifeless (stabbed through the neck with silverlight). Ivan will inform you that the gods are mad and that you two have to build a plane summoner to learn why. Firt you need to acquire an ents soul. To get this you will have to go to centaur valley. After you arrive you see a military of tree sprirts defending the expansive ent. They will try to kill you and you need to fight through tree sprits (70) for into the grand ent.

Alternativly you may kill 100 spirts plus some loggers will look and ohko that the sprits, givng you a cover while chopping the ent will beg for his life continue contiuning and he will complete, getting you ents spirt. Return to ivan and that he wil use the soul to build a wooden fence round the remainds of town. Next you have to create a omega rune. Proceed into wizards tower to sedridor and he will inform you to create the omega rune you require 20k each basic elemental runes. He then directs you into the nautical workshop.

But there I was studying the"Behind the Scenes - August" and discovered they had a concept for a new fire making-based mini-game... well, I happened to be bored, and have been thinking how they might use a fun, different, imaginative hunter mini-game. I came a rough outline for an idea... please notice, if people like idea, I will work on it , and maybe try some vision, but for now, please Don't Hesitate to rate idea

JaGeX has been doing more and more creature updates recently. There have been penguins, summoning, and such. And from quests, many people prefer to appear being the monster. Well, I think that could be a trendy mini-game. I was thinking of two ways this could go around, howeverI would cheap RS gold just like to say I'll be editing it, and things the more ideas I get.

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